Images of Lust,


by Anthony Weir and James Jerman, was published by Batsford (London) in 1986,
and re-issued as a paperback in 1994..

It was re-published in paperback by Routledge (London) in 1999.
It is still in print
and available as an e-book..

The original working title was
Exhibitionism and the Iconography of Wealth.


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The original Batsford hardback.

"Images of Lust is one of the most important texts related to Romanesque sculpture.
Your contribution to the topic was really great! I had this book as a jewel in my library."

- Manuel Castiñeiras, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


"The book raises important issues in the wider context of medieval art,
about artists and their patrons, religious beliefs, the purposes of art, and its transmission."

- Martin Kaufmann (Bodleian Library, Oxford) in The Catholic Herald.