The purse of the rich man could be seen as 'Satan's Scrotum'.

In French, bourse can mean scrotum as purse does in 14th century Middle English.
The Latin word bursa, (variant of byrsa "hide," comes from the Greek.
Scrotum itself is a form of the Latin scortum, meaning "hide" (of an animal),
presumably referring to its thick and wrinkled (and often hairy) nature.

The verb to hide, in English, is what one does with money - and one's genitals.

The scrotum or purse contains the testicules, "little nuts" or nutlets,
squirrelled away to be used for unChristian purposes.
The word comes from Latin testiculus, diminutive of testis (nut)
which also came to mean head, hence Italian testa and French tête.
(The formal Latin for head – caput –became capo, chef, chief....captain.)