This was the corbel which I found in 1977, and which proved the link between exhibitionists and Luxuria.

An acrobat (whose legs have broken off) with very pronounced vulva with labia is suckling snakes in the classic manner of Luxuria in Hell.

The cheap tripod supporting my Vivitar 400 mm lens was not steady enough for this and many other photos I took at a time of poverty with 100 ASA/21 DIN film - hence the blurriness due to camera-shake.


In 2008, I came across the photograph below on FlickR: a corbel on the church of Lomilla de Aguilar, Palencia (Spain), which offers another example, this time a vulva-puller with snakes and tresses.

Archingeay (Charente-Maritime)

A more recent photo of the Archingeay corbel by Joël Jalladeau.