San Martín de Mondoñedo (Lugo)

Corbel on the outside of the S wall:
acrobatic female vulva-puller.

An acrobatic anal exhibitionist

and a male anal-exhibitionist-contortionist on the North wall.

photographs by Juan Luis Menéndez.


Inside the church, various displaced corbels are now displayed.

Thorn-puller and ape, photographed by Juan Luis Menéndez.

Megaphallic man blowing a horn, a person with a rope, and a squatting figure - presumably entertainers.

Compare with a similar figure at Saint-Morillon.

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There is also this splendid capital illustrating the Feast of Dives from the parable in the Gospel of St Luke,
with the beggar Lazarus being licked by a dog. well as a fresco on the same subject.

Another banquet seems to be represented on this capital:
the feast of King Herod, with John the Baptist about to be decapitated on the left,
and his head served on a plate.