Northampton (Northamptonshire)

1. St Peter's

This interesting male figure is holding two columns and is being swallowed by a hellish beast.
Also very evident are the "pine-cones" which are the European versions of the lotus-buds of Indian iconography.

A close-up of the capital, photographed in 2004 by Rick Forbes.

The exterior corbel-tables of the church include several interesting - and much less sophisticated - carvings on carnal themes
(note the mutual hair-pulling [?] in the first pair).

exhibitionist couple


Beast biting its tail


Exhibitionist musicians
Exhibitionist pair with conjoined mouths


Exhibitionist drinker or bagpiper of which can be compared with males at Graimbouville (Seine-Maritime, Normandy),

Givrezac, and Champagnolles (Charente-Maritime, Saintonge).

2. Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Corbels 3-6 of the South aisle (formerly an external wall).

The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture website
erroneously describes the two on the right as follows:
S5. Human head, triangular in shape, with arms to either sideclutching a shawl or hood.
S6. Long human head with pointed forked beard and full lips.