Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

Western Iberia has relatively few exhibitionists and images of sinful luxury, not entirely reflecting its relatively few churches
compared with Northern Spain and France.

It would be surprising, however, if there was none at the magnificent cathedral and shrine of St James the Greater.
It is not surprising, therefore, that the Porta de la Gloria features this fine example of
Luxuria suckling snakes.

Compare the lower figure with one two thousand miles Northeast, at Trondheim in Norway,
carved only a little later.

This tongue-sticking, porcine megaphallic male exhibitionist on the corbel-table above the Porta de las Platerías
was (like the Trondheim figure above) photographed by Kjartan Hauglid.

photo by courtesy of ParadoxPlace where there are some excellent photos of the Puerta de las Platerías


photo from 1978 by Anthony Weir

Nearby is this female exhibitionist ?acrobat. (also right, above)

There are also:
a female with a bar behind her ankles (another acrobat); a forked-beard puller
(also left, above);
and a pig sucking an upside-down man's arse...







...parallelling (in reverse) the corbel on the nearby church of Santa María del Sar shown below.


Photographed here by John Billingsley, the Pilgrims' Museum in Santiago features a 12th century male anal-exhibitionist beast
amongst its corbels, and a gargoyle/waterspout inserted into the wall of a building which was rebuilt in the 14th century.

South-west of Santiago is the former Cluniac Benedictine monastery of Jubia, which has a fine granite chevet or apse...

...featuring three male exhibitionists (two of them upside-down), a hugging couple, and one female exhibitionist.

The same sculptor(s) also worked on the nearby church at Mens.

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