Vinax (Charente-Maritime)

On the left, an acrobatic feet-to-ears female with bulbous eyes,
and a "belt of strength" below her which girds part of another figure,
or a cylindrical column.

On the right, by a different sculptor, two figures (male and female ?) performing what seems to be an acrobatic, sexual act.

Two monks kissing.

Photos by M. Bullourde
and Joël Jalladeau

- as is this wimpled, feet-to-ears caryatid female at

Chaix (Vendée)...

...whose agonised expression and eyes (especially) prefigure several of the Irish figures.


Feet-to-ears exhibitionists can also be seen at Saint-Martin-de-Guizinieres...

...and La Capelle Bonance.

The non-exhibitionist feet-to-ears acrobat is a very common motif of sin on French Romanesque churches.