White Island (Fermanagh)

This figure is one of several dating from the 10th/11th century found in the ruined 12th century church on the island, but, unlike the others, it had been incorporated in the later doorway sideways, in a manner recalling the exhibitionist Romanesque figure at Liathmore (Tipperary).

This figure, however, is not exhibitionist, and seems to be wearing a ritual shawl or cope. Its hands simply rest on its thighs - which may or may not be naked.

Compare the figures at nearby Boa Island
and on an early 12th century font at Cleckheaton in Yorkshire.

Below is a typically inaccurate early drawing of this figure, illustrating the 'sexualist' agenda of the Edwardian antiquarians rather than the actual figure.

photo by Jim Dempsey