Arthous (Landes)

Another sophisticated corbel-table, this time comparing two pairs of figures with probable misogynistic intent:
the naked pair of women on the left are are rare example of a double
Luxuria, possibly lesbian, with snakes writhing around their bodies
and sucking their teats..
The clothed pair on the right, tonsured, and hoth holding crosses and covering genitals and breast,
represent a holy brotherhood.

The same carvings before cleaning.

Another couple of corbels at Arthous: a simian mouthpuller
and a man playing a barrel-like dolio.


Eve with the apple in her hand, while Adam puts his hand to his throat in a gesture of despair.

Neither quite hides their genitals in order to subscribe to the almost-universal Christian misinterpretation of Original Sin
so imperfectly described in the book of Genesis.

compare the same motif on the late-Romanesque church at Frómista in Spain.

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